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Selected Essays and Papers

“Raul Ortega Ayala: The Zone, Chernobyl”, Proyectos Monclova, 2022.
“Releasing Power: Atoms and Art” Art & Australia, 2020

“In the Spotlight: Searchlights, Art, Surveillance and Spectacle” ISEA, 2019

“Heartbeats and the Arts: A Historical Connection” Leonardo, MIT Press, 2018
“Polysemous Light: Light as a contradictory material in Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s work” Artnodes, 2018

“El eterno retorno del aPRIcalipsis” Blog de Crítica, 2017
Selected Reviews and Interviews
“Cornelia Parker” Artforum, 2020
“Kate Newby: Bring Everyone” Art Agenda, 2019

“Janet Laurence: After Nature” Art Agenda, 2019

“Peter Friedl: Teatro” Artforum, 2019

“Sculptures That Bite” Frieze, 2019

“Bruce Conner: Out of Body” Art agenda, 2018

“Bruce Conner: Out of Body” Art agenda, 2018
Andrea Geyer: Truly Spun Ever, Art Agenda, 2016

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